Joni Kelly has been giving massage professionally since 1999, although she began learning from her mom at the early age of 5. The skills she learned as a child were continually practiced on family and friends until it spilled over to her co-workers. Often times she heard, "You should be doing this for a living!"

Joni listened to this call on her life while attending a Women's Conference at Christ for the Nations. She knew by the time she left, that a career in massage therapy was just waiting to be born! Massage has always been a physical experience, however Joni also chooses to bring out the spiritual side with prayers for each client. Her continual thirst for knowledge is poured out in her work, benefitting everyone who comes through her door.

Massage is often thought of as a treat or luxury, yet there are many scientific studies showing the numerous benefits. If you ask Joni, she will tell you every body deserves A Soothing Touch Massage! (Texas License MT022739)