Chair Massage
You deserve A Soothing Touch....Anytime....Almost Anyplace
Are you looking for a way to reward your employees for a job well done? Would you like to see them become more productive at work? Corporate chair massage is the answer for you! Corporate chair massage offers the benefits of massage with minimal impact to your business. Employees need only be away from their job 15-20 minutes, then they return refreshed and rejuvenated. Everyone reaps the benefits!
Here are Some of the Benefits of Chair Massage:
Reduces Stress and Tension

Increases Productivity
Increases Energy
Improves Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion
Improves Circulation
Lowers Blood Pressure
Promotes Posture Awareness
 Improves Overall Wellness and Health
Can Prevent or Decrease Headaches
What To Expect . . .
Chair Massage provides a professional, non-threatening method of relaxation. You remain fully clothed, sitting on a specially designed chair that I will bring. This chair is fully adjustable to conform to almost any height or shape of body so you can relax while I massage your:
Head & Neck
Back & Shoulders
Arms & Hands
There might be a brief medical history form to be filled out, and chair massage sessions are generally scheduled for 15 minutes each for $20. The minimum charge is $100 for a minimum of 100 minutes. This typically covers 4 people with 10 minute intervals for consultation. Set-up and clean-up is quick and requires just a small (5' x 5' minimum) space.